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Reizen in Thailand een beleving op zichzelf

Our local knowledge of Thailand allows us to offer you trips that you will never find in a brochure.

Thailand is a popular destination for backpackers. Whether you are going there for your first backpacking trip or if you are already a seasoned backpacker, Thailand remains a fun travel destination for backpacking. Not surprising, because there is so much to do in this country! You will find paradisiacal beaches, special nature, beautiful temples and plenty of hostels where you can meet other travelers. Moreover, backpacking through this country is easy thanks to the well-organized public transport and it is not entirely unimportant that life is cheap there.

Backpacking in Thailand is crazy. It is an amazing destination and it has everything a backpacker could wish for. Furthermore, the country has a rich culture and history. Between all the chilling and exploring, the food in Thailand makes you especially happy. And it is also super affordable, especially at the many food markets where it is freshly prepared for you by the locals, always with a smile on their faces. You are welcomed everywhere with open arms and they are always ready to help. It doesn't matter if you are lost or want to have a good conversation, the locals are always friendly and cordial. The best time to go to Thailand is during the dry season. This is from November to February. Thailand is a cheap backpacking destination, so the costs for backpacking are not very high.

In addition to Backpack trips, we also offer comfortable trips with overnight stays in good hotels throughout Thailand as a whole or to an undiscovered piece of paradise off the beaten track.

Please contact us for the options that best suit your travel plans.