Dutch Experts

Our expertise covers the Netherlands with our partners as well as Thailand where we can also assist you with business advice, your accounting and legal matters.

 Our Dutch Partners:


We ensure that you are provided with relevant information and insights at all times to ensure that you make the best choices for your company. It's not fun to argue with the tax authorities, nor is paying too much tax at the same time. Armed with knowledge and strategic insight, we ensure the optimal balance. Pay as little tax as possible within the framework of the law. By working tactically and having good contact with the tax authorities, you will receive advice about the optimal mix. People from companies that change markets and doers who do important work.

We Buy Stock Co., Ltd, specialized in stocklot trading from Thailand to all over the world. In close collaboration with We Buy Stock Netherlands.

Geelkerken & Geelkerken Advocaten is a young and driven law firm based in Amsterdam. We are active in the areas of employment, fraud, privacy and corporate law. We do everything we can to achieve optimal results for our clients. We like to act for the underdog and advise and litigate for individuals and organizations. We like to keep the law clear. This way you know exactly whats going on. And we tackle any problems that may occur.

Klussen en Handelsonderneming We Buy Stock. With branches in both the Netherlands and Thailand, we can properly manage your affairs in both countries. From purchasing goods in Thailand, shipping them to the Netherlands or the anywhere else in the world. Importing them in the Netherlands and delivering them to your door, we take care of everything for you.

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