Dutch Experts

About us

Aid to Dutch people in Thailand

Because we have lived and worked in Thailand for years, we are familiar with many cases where Dutch people are confronted with problems and are sent from pillar to post. Consider theft, fraud or other problems for which you do not know the correct route to solve. Thanks to our local knowledge and expertise of our partners, you will have Dutch-speaking assistance during your stay.

Help for entrepreneurs in Thailand and the Netherlands

That one great deal in Thailand that turned out to only be good on paper, we can help you check the company in advance. We also offer assistance with extending business Visas. Setting up your own company in Thailand can also be quickly achieved for you thanks to our experience and knowledge of the language. Business disputes in Thailand will be resolved quickly for you by using our local knowledge. Conveniantly in Dutch of Englisch.

Holiday in Thailand

Because we are confronted with many problems, we also know the power of relaxation. We have further developed this into complete holidays in Thailand for every budget. From traveling cheaply with your backpack to fully organized trips where everything is arranged for you. But in either case, we're ready to take your experience to new heights.

Whether you have booked your holiday with us or not, if you run into problems in Thailand it is often difficult to get the answers you are looking for in the maze of local authorities and bureaucracy. Thanks to our local knowledge and our team of lawyers and other specialists, we quickly get a grip on the situation so that you can quickly continue your journey.